The classic barn look with lots of storage and options! The barn is our most popular style of building because of the immense overhead storage capabilities with the addition of a loft. Add a workbench and pegboard for a nice workshop. If you need to get your riding mower or utility vehicle in a dry, secure location, add a six-foot rollup door. Porches add great functionality and eye appeal to your building. The possibilities are endless!

Vertical Roof Barns

We can now provide our barn style in lengths of 60 feet with this roof design. Our Vertical Roof Barns come with trusses two foot on center and with 3/8" OSB roof decking.


Our Gable style building complements almost any setting. This sturdy design is available up to sixty feet in length and with a full line of options.

Short Barns

Slightly shorter wall height and less trim allows for the same comparable storage area at an economical price!


The Peak style building has a lower profile roof that looks great whether in a residential or commercial setting. Peaks are also available with a roof overhang. An overhang adds to the appearance while protecting you from the elements.


With only a slightly different profile than the Gable, the Mini-Gable is a very popular building. This building has horizontal metal and a lower roof pitch. The fiberglass panel located at the top of the back wall offers the perfect amount of light during daylight hours. Limited options are available as this building was designed to cut material cost without sacrificing quality.