Cottonless Cottonwood

Common Name: Cottonless Cottonwood

Botanical Name: Populus deltoides

Description: Large fast-growing deciduous shade tree with dependable fall color and a pleasant sound like a waterfall when the wind blows through the canopy. Wherever it occurs naturally, cottonwood is found growing along lakes, streams, and rivers. Cottonwood reaches its best 
development on the moist, sandy, alluvial soils found on flood plains. It is also very intolerant of competition.

Size: 50' - 70' H x 50' - 70' W

Average Lifespan:  In this region it is possible for Cottonwoods to live in excess of 50 years but much more common for them to live only 20-30 years. 

Sun/Water: Full/Partial Sun. Moderate water needs, less once established.

Zones: 3 - 9