Dwarf Yaupon

Common Name: Dwarf Yaupon

Botanical Name: Illex Vomitoria 'Nana'

Description:  The symmetrical, dense, rounded form of dwarf yaupon holly requires only infrequent pruning to maintain. Roots produce sprouts at the edge of the canopy, producing dense thickets with time. Ideally suited as a low-growing foundation plant, dwarf yaupon holly is also excellent as a tall ground cover for a large-scale commercial or industrial landscape. It can be sheared into a formal hedge or into any of a number of topiary shapes. Most people “meatball” the plant into a globe. The small, gray-green leaves of the Dwarf Yaupon have no spines, and this cultivar of a female plant rarely produces berries.

Size: 4' - 6' H x 4' - 6' W

Sun/Water: Full Sun, Average Water

Zones: 7 - 9