Mountain Laurel

Common Name: Mountain Laurel

Botanical Name: Calia Secundiflora

Description:  Hard freezes (below 20 degrees F.) eliminate blooms but won't kill the plants. These natives seem resistant to the dreaded cotton root rot fungus which is deadly to 90 percent of all other Texas landscape plants. No foliage disease seem to bother the glossy, evergreen leaves. Every now and then foliage worms may devour some leaves but the plant usually comes right back. Flowers are round, ranging from purple or light pink to white, and occurring in clusters. Blooms in May and June and thrives in acidic soil, preferring a soil pH in the 4.5 to 5.5 range.

Size: 8' - 30' H x 8' - 15' W

Sun/Water: Full Sun, Low Water

Zones: 8 - 11 (in zones colder than 8 flowering is unreliable due to late freezes)