Little Gem Magnolia

Common Name: Little Gem Magnolia

Botanical Name: Magnolia Grandiflora

Description:  The most widely planted selection, ‘Little Gem’ is a compact, slow-growing small tree whose leaves and flowers are about half the size of a regular magnolia’s. It starts blooming at a younger age than any other magnolia and has been seen to begin blooming at 3 feet tall. It also blooms off and on all summer. It’s great for growing in large containers or for planting as a tall screen or hedge. The Little Gem Magnolia produces large fragrant creamy white saucer shaped flowers that are 8 inches wide. The Little Gem Magnolia has beautiful shaped oblong leaves that are 5 to 7 inches long and 2 to 3 inches wide. Little Gem Magnolias have leaves that are stiff and leathery with a deep glossy green color on top and a bronze-brown fuzzy underside.

Size: 40' - 45' H x 15' - 20' W

Sun/Water: Full Sun, Water regularly until established

Zones: 7 - 9