Desert Willow

Common Name: Desert Willow

Botanical Name: Chilopsis

Description: Delicate, small, deciduous tree native to west Texas and the Edwards Plateau. Its ability to withstand arid conditions, beautiful flowers and long flowering period make it one of Texas's best small native trees. It must have a well-drained site and must not be overwatered; in areas with more than 30 inches of annual rainfall, it must be planted in raised beds and watered carefully, especially in winter. Growth is irregular and requires attention to early trunk development. It can be pruned to a tree or shrub; since it blooms on new wood then the more it is pruned, the more it will flower.

Size: 15' - 20' H x 15' - 20' W

Sun/Water: Full Sun, Drought tolerant, Heat tolerant

Zones: 7