Mexican Buckeye

Common Name: Mexican Buckeye

Botanical Name: Ungnadia speciosa

Description: Mexican buckeye occurs mostly west of the Brazos River on the well drained limestone soils on stream banks of damp canyons in South, Central and West Texas, east to Dallas County. Its pink flowers bloom simultaneously as it leafs out with light bronze colored leaflets which turn pale green during the growing season. Its fall color is bright golden yellow. In its spring flowering aspect it is thought to somewhat resemble eastern redbuds. This plant may be used as a large, coarse multi-trunk shrub or trained into a small tree. 

Size: 15' - 30' H x 8' - 12' W

Sun/Water: Full Sun/Part sun, Water regularly until established

Zones: 8

Additional Comments: Mexican buckeye's seeds are poisonous.