Anacacho Orchid Tree

Common Name: Anacacho Orchid

Botanical Name: Bauhinia lunarioides

Description: Although increasingly available from specialty nurseries, Anancacho orchid tree is rare in Texas. Its delicate, unusual leaves are divided into pairs of two oval leaflets, and showy white flower clusters resembling orchids appear from March through May. In its native habitat in Texas it grows on rocky limestone canyons, and needs well-drained soils to thrive. It is winter hardy in Austin, but farther north it needs to be planted in a protected, south-facing location and may still lose some limbs in severe winters. Its unique foliage and showy flowers make it a beautiful speciman plant, or as a container plant for small areas.

Size: 8' - 12' H x 6' - 10' W

Sun/Water: Full Sun/Part Sun, Water regularly until established

Zones: 8 - 10