20th Century:  Asian, sweet, flavorful. Flesh is white, thin skin. Ripens early Aug. (400 hrs.)

Hosui:  Asian pear, bronzed skin with juicy fruit. Ripens late August (450 hrs.)

Shinko:  Asian pear. Flesh is white with thin tender skin. Ripens early August (450 hrs.)

Kiefer:  Very large yellow fruit, hard pear, very nice tree shape (400 hrs.)

Moonglo:  Best for fresh eating; Ripens summer; blight resistant; good pollinator (500 hrs.)

Perdue:  Large green-yellow creamy sweet fruit, ripens in August (200 hrs.)

Pineapple:  Large pineapple flavored, self-fertile, sets fruit first year, ripens in August (200 hrs.)

Warren : Large yellow fruit, hard pear late summer (450 hrs.)





Availability varies greatly throughout the year due to environmental factors and customer demand.

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