Persea Americana

20' - 25' tall, 15' - 20' wide (Damage temp: 25 – 26F)


Available Varieties:

Poncho: Small fruit size, 6–8 ounces, the flesh has a creamy texture and an excellent flavor. Poncho fruits in July and August and by the first week of September it is usually finished producing. When ripe, the fruit is lime green in color with a red blush on its mid-section. Even though it is small the flavor of the Poncho avocado is amazing.


A note about Avocados:

Once established, the avocado tree is fairly tough. However, many avocados fall during the first 12 months due to poor soil drainage, sunburn or improper irrigation habits. Prior to planting, keep the tree in a pot until “bark” appears in trunk of the tree. This usually takes two to three years to appear. In the wild, avocado trees grow as an under-story tree and need to be protected from sun scalding. The tree needs to be protected from sun and freeze for the first couple of years or until the tree is over 10ft. tall. The tree grows to 25ft X 20ft. and of course can be pruned to be smaller. The tree likes well drained soil.