Arbequina: (Spanish) Produces after 2-3 years. Can grow up to 15 feet tall, resistant to frost and adaptable to different climates.

Chemlali: (Tunisia) Drought resistant and cold hardy. Bears early. Can grow to over 20 feet tall.

Frantoio: (Italian) High yield of strong flavored fruit that is slightly pungent. Can reach 25 feet.

Grossane: (French) Highly resistant to cold and drought. Primarily a table olive, can grow to over 20 feet tall.

Manzanilla: (Spanish) Chiefly used for table olives. Good resistance to cold and to changes in weather. Very productive.

Mission: (Spanish) Good for oil or pickling. Hardy with great resistance to cold. Can reach 30 feet.

Pendolino: (Italian) Cold resistant. Pollinator for many other varieties. Can reach 20 feet tall.

Wilsonii: Fruitless olive.Slow to moderate growth, eventually reaching a height and spread of 25 feet.