Native (NOT Grafted): Good root stock, small hard shell great for wild life.


Grafted Varieties:

Caddo: Paper-shell nuts are of high quality and medium sized, early bearing and prolific

Candy: Attractive, medium sized paper-shell, heavy bearer, ripens early. 45% meat.

Cape Fear: Large, thin shelled nut, very productive, disease resistant. 51% meat.

Choctaw: Large nut, average 34 per lb., harvest Oct. 25-Nov. 12, 62% meat.

Desirable: Ex Large, Very thin shell, disease resistant, early, heavy bearer, 53% meat.

Elliot: High quality, medium shell thickness, harvest in October

Kanza: Medium, oily nut, cold hardy, disease resistant, early prolific bearer, 54% meat.

Oconee: Paper shell, high resistance to cold, 48-56% meat.

Pawnee: Medium, good quality nut, disease resistant, early prolific bearer. 55-62% meat.